Good morning

It's that time again.

I feel like I need a quiet day; I doubt if I'll get it. Things have kicked off at work — as I knew would happen.

How are you today?

It's dark outside, and, I imagine, based on last night's walk with the dog, cold.

I'm replaying Sunday's Quietmusic playlist

The coffee is poured and, again, I've got my little red bottle full of cold tap water.

Yesterday evening I watched Ben Fogle meet with Dan Price aka Hobo Artist. I first came across Dan when exploring the minimalism scene in early 2011. I read some of his old Moonlight Chronicles in Kindle form (sadly I've never been able to track down the originals) and his book Radical Simplicity. It opened up a new world of off-grid living. Since then I've messaged Dan a couple of times on Instagram — he normally takes a while to respond — and is always super gracious and kind in his response. The programme (as I knew it would be) showed how the draw of nature was overwhelming to Dan and was reminiscent of Thoreau's experience. Dan's has gone on a little longer though — 35 years and counting.

Today, I will get to the gym. I've decided to change my routine to train most of my body rather than having a split between individual body parts. It will be repetitive and a bit longer than before but I need to remind myself that I'm no longer into the bodybuilding scene and don't need to become some muscling hulk — not that I'm able to add mass to my tiny physique!

In just over a week's time I've got a week's holiday. I'm supposed to be going to Padstow but I may have to delay that to get some decorating finished. I know otherwise that it won't get done. I hope I can still have a few days off but if I don't, so be it.

Well, there you have it. My little piece for today. I should add that I've not had much time to comment on what everyone has been so kindly sharing on LJ but I will try to set aside at least 30 minutes or so to read everything and comment where appropriate. As I've said already, it means the world to me when you stop on my musings and leave a comment ❤️.



Photo by Ioana Tabarcea on Unsplash

PS. I did get to add on Monday night another layer to my work-in-progress painting. It's still a bit crude but give it a few more months and I'll have it finished. 


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