Good morning

I made the cut; it's 5.16 am.

The coffee is poured and I've got a little bottle of water to drink. Due to the central heating mistakenly being left on all night(!), I'm parched and I've got the makings of a thumping headache 😒. Never mind, the day has started, and I'm here. 

One more day...to do my thing ❤️.

Sorry if my opening sounds a little wet, but I don't know how else to express my gratitude for the little things in life that are, in essence, all of life. Sure, we might have some crazy-big plan(s) swimming around in the oceanic abyss of our subconscious, but it's the day-to-day actions that bring everything to life.

Today..., well that will pass into history like all the rest of my Mondays. I did my thing and not much else. That's not quite true: I did catch up with all my children (I message them every day, even if we do not actually speak); I had a great conversation with a friend of mine who is a leading light in the human resources space; and just before I buried my head in the pillow — I was trying to drown out the sound of the rain — I managed to repaint a little painting that had languished on my desk. It now looks much more like a Rothko but I didn't design it that way, it's just the way it came out. I might share an image or two once it's dried properly.

Work right now is very quiet. In the past, I might have worried if I'll still have a job in six months, but that hasn't even occurred to me this time around. 

The thing is, there are so many variables that all I can do is what I can do, and if someone taps me on the shoulder to call time, then so be it. I'll find something else. I'm lucky like that I suppose. Sorry to anyone who reads those few words who thinks I'm being smug. I'm not. I'm simply reporting on a lifetime of work where, by dint of something (being too earnest I think), I've always been able to find something to while away the hours of my very ordinary life.

Timing wise, if I do get the chop I'd like it to be next year. That way it will mean my wife and I have another serious conversation about van life or whatever floats my then boat. I think until then we'll keep sleepwalking towards retirement or whatever the future holds — who really knows?

I'm still reading The Ten Thousand Things by Dr Robert Saltzman. I keep going over the same chapters. It's not that I'm making slow progress but rather I keep finding things that make me reflect on my own awakening, which, as he says, (and with which I agree) never ends. I'm also watching his few videos on YouTube. At least a couple (so far) have been electrifying. I can think of one person on LJ who would enjoy them, particularly as regards his views on the church and spirituality. 

I'm writing a fair bit which is nice. Mostly it's to LJ but I'm also writing more sensitive pieces on my blog, sharing the odd monograph on Patreon and keeping things alive on Buy Me A Coffee. I'm thinking now that I'll piece together my book from all those sources as well what else I've created on Google Docs. I don't like to call myself a writer because that connotes something way more serious but then again, by dint of the word count alone, I think I might just be able to pass muster with my/an audience.

In a minute I'll have to walk Alfie the Sprocker. Right now, it's pissing down outside. I'll have to get my wet weather gear on which always takes an age. It's that or getting soaked wet through. He doesn't mind though — good job. In fact, I think he should have been born a fish.

Anyhow, I hope you have a lovely day.

Blessings, Ju


Photo by Masaaki Komori on Unsplash

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