Office life

Good morning.

I missed the 5 am call: it was quite deliberate.

Sorry, but sometimes we need to mix things up.

How was your weekend?

Mine: it came and went like all the rest. I pretty much did what I expected, and here I am again — for the nth time — suited and booted and ready for another week of excitement — yee-haw!

My wife and I had a few minutes together before she dropped me off at work. We hadn't talked at all for the balance of the journey and, instead, had Sam Smith playing whilst daughter #3 and her friend sat in the back seats saying...nothing, which is par for the course. You gotta love teenagers. 

My message: "One day, Alli, we won't be doing this."

"Yes, it's boring."

I didn't respond.

But neither of us can see a way out at the moment; if we have to wait until our State Retirement age, we'll be doing this for another 15 or 16 years. That doesn't sound like long but when you've been shackled to the wheel for 30 + years, it feels like a lifetime.

No complaints, though. 

I'm here.

I'm awake.

And life flows.

I mean, the fact that I can type these words, listen to Fairport Convention and zone out from the usual weekend chatter, is a blessing. Sorry, I know that sounds terribly selfish, but the more I can keep myself to myself the better.

What's on today/this week?

Do share.

Love to you all.



Photo by Ali Yahya on Unsplash


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