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Form is formless

What can we say for certain?

Not much.

But then again, whatever your persuasion of life, we all know that everything changes.

As Bukowski said, you can see it in the slow hands of a clock.

What does that mean apropos the forms we apparently see and/or experience?

They're not real, perhaps.

Indeed, even the most immutable — i.e. a large mountain range — will, eventually, move on to something else.

I accept that this sort of airy-fairy language is not resonant with our ordinary, everyday existence — e.g. going to work, paying the bills and dealing with the ups and downs of life — but then again, so much of what we talk about and experience is premised on apprehending something that cannot be properly or accurately described. 

That doesn't mean we need change our whole lexicon — "Please pass me that formless thingamabob over there" — but if you combine the 'emptiness is form, form is emptiness' line and the labels we give things (which are made up and passed down from one generation to the next), you, hopefully, arrive at a point where it's impossible to take your thoughts (as a formless expression of the formless) quite so seriously. That doesn't mean our thoughts completely disappear but we know, much like the passing seasons, that we're not in control of them and they'll move on to something else. In not taking our thoughts so seriously, we might then experience everything through beginner's mind and not dualistically, which is the reason we so often get into trouble with the world we (apparently) see. 

You might ask, why am I sharing these few words with you? I don't honestly know. It's easy for me to say I'm drawn to do so but then again, I could just as easily not publicly shout the odds and keep this open secret to myself.

Hell, I don't know. I really don't know.

Again, I just show up, coffee poured, sit at my wee desk and write. The rest, as they say, just happens.

Anyhow, have a wonderful day. 

Deep bows,


Photo by Herztier Kang on Unsplash

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