Good morning

I'm back from the gym.

It wasn't the best workout but I did it. 

And I don't say that to be smug but simply to reflect that I showed up.

In the past, I had a goal or ambition to get somewhere — a bigger, more attractive physique perhaps. These days: nothing. Sure, I feel better but I'm blessed to be able to train, and that's good enough.

I finished my workout with a quick run on the treadmill. It was surprisingly easy but for reasons I'm not sure, I wasn't completely in the gym. I had this sense of oneness; and I had this line running through my head:

"Is it the wind blowing? Or the flag fluttering? Or is it our mind moving things?"

There was a lady on a rowing machine making one hell of a racket. It's not her fault: she's partially disabled and it's hard for her to row in time with the machine. In the past, the noise would have distracted me but I kept coming back to the above line and the tension (if there was any) just melted away.

Funny, eh? The mind that is. It's a wonderful tool but not much else. It certainly never describes reality.

Anyhow, enough of my gym antics.

Alfie, the Sprocker, is off to get his hair cut in a minute. He always looks so handsome when he comes back. I think the dog groomer is in love with him — like all of us. 

Other than that, and picking up daughter #3, I've got nothing planned for today.

I'm just going to live into the moment — as if I've got a choice, right!

What about you?

Anything nice on the agenda?

Much love, Ju.


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