Good morning

It's that time again.


I feel a bit off this morning: I think it's last night's red wine that my sister-in-bought. I wasn't counting but I think I might have drunk a bottle, and no water, sadly, passed my lips. That means I always wake up dehydrated and feeling like the booze is still swimming around my system. 

But, hey, I'm here; I'm alive; and I'm open to another day — good, bad or, well, whatever.

The coffee is poured, and I've got a pint glass of water — my second — to enjoy. 

I'm playing Quietmusic from Sunday. I don't think I played it end to end; hopefully, I'll get an hour at my desk to complete the exercise.

Mrs S is off today. That means I'll be taking daughter #3 to the train station. Don't ask me why but she gets up at 5.30 am to do her make up. We leave at 7.15 am. She always looks fantastic but I've no idea why she needs so long. When I was her age (16) you'd be lucky if I took a shower let alone applied anything to my face. Each to his/her own, eh!

I've got a settlement call to deal with at work. All it means is trying to persuade our customer to accept something to resolve a few issues that are left outstanding from a job we did in Holland. I'm used to these sort of things; the director of the business isn't. It'll be fine but we'll need to go through the internal machinations nevertheless. My motto always in business and life (I suppose) is:

Ready. Fire. Aim.

Too much thinking and nothing happens.

I'm off to the gym tonight. At least I'll be able to walk normally. Having gone a bit silly with said muscle group (legs) on Monday, for most of this week, I've resembled an old man, particularly when trying to climb stairs.

I haven't thought much about the weekend, but come to think of it, I'm looking forward to it, if for no other reason than to get outside. Here's a picture of one of my favourite spots. I often stand here and contemplate the moment. It feels immense. 

I'll take the dog. He'll run around like a crazed lunatic with nothing much on his mind save being fully alive to the moment. Bliss, I'm sure.

What about you?

What's on today?

Oh, I meant to say: thanks so much for the continued comments on these little morning pieces. I love the interaction and learning about your day and the things that float (or not) your boat.

Much love, Ju.

PS. I woke up to these lyrics. Anyone like to guess the song:

"You know that it would be untrue
You know that I would be a liar
If I was to say to you
Girl, we couldn't get much higher"


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