Good morning 🧊

Good morning from a rather chilly Devon.

Overnight, we're supposed to have had snow on the high Moors (Dartmoor and Exmoor). I don't know: where I live — about 16 miles from the highest point of Dartmoor — it looks, from my little office window, wet and a bit slushy.

I hope 🤞 that my wife and I can get to work. Sadly, despite living in an area that does get snow and ice — not on a biblical scale but it comes every year — we never seem equipped both at a macro (i.e. the County) and a micro (i.e. the car drivers) level.

Anyhow, the coffee is poured. I've gone a bit OTT with the amount, but, hey, at least it will keep me functioning for the next couple of hours before I have to refuel. These days, two cups a day is my limit before I switch to water and possibly the occasional green tea mid-afternoon.

At work, I've got a piece of litigation that's bubbling away. It's nothing compared to what I used to deal with but it's not something the directors of my current company like or are used to. It's not so much that it sends them into a tailspin but, rather, they like to sort things out in a commercial and pragmatic way — always the best way in my opinion — and when the other side, not in nasty way I might add, starts waving the big stick, well, let's just say they're out of their comfort zone.

I did manage to get to the gym last night with daughter #3. Thankfully, we had a night off the weights and did some cardio work. To be honest, I was just pleased to go. Turning up is way harder than actually training, which, even aged 52, I still enjoy. Sure, it gets a bit repetitive but I recognise (again!) how lucky I am to be able to go and to have the time with my daughter.

Today will be my wife's last working day this week. She's taken a few days off to spend them with my brother's wife, Jes. She's the lady that I mentioned before who has a very kind heart but does like to be in control. In fact, so much so, that when she arrives, and after a few days, I feel like I'm living in someone else's house!

In terms of my reading material, right now I've thrown myself into another 'deep' writer on non-duality. Actually, he doesn't describe himself in that way and if anything is anti the whole non-dual thing. His name is Dr. Robert Saltzman and this is his website. His book The Ten Thousand Things is what I'm reading, and I'm doing so very slowly by my standards. To say it's rich is an understatement. The first few chapters are free for download and you may want to check them out. If not, that's fine but he does have a decent view on waking up to this life which resonates with me and I particularly liked his interview with Rick Archer, he of Buddha at The Gas Pump fame:

It's a great interview and Saltzman doesn't let Rick off the hook for one little minute.

Other than the above, I'm not doing a great deal. In fact, I would say by past standards I'm positively hibernating. No talks, no networking and no big projects. I like it. In fact, as I move into 2020, I suspect that I'll get even quieter as I try to focus more on my writing here and elsewhere. 

Enough of me 🙂, what are you up to today and for the rest of the week? I'd love to know.

Much love ❤️ as always, Ju

Photo by Kacper Szczechla on Unsplash

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