Rip off world

Whether it's motorway service stations or the big supermarkets, I can't help feeling that we're being taken advantage of.

I understand that there's a profit to be made, but who's actually making the real profit?

It's conjecture, but not the producer.

As a case in point, yesterday we went into a tiny Turkish store that had been recommended to my eldest daughter as the go-to place for humous and bread.

We bought a 0.5kg tub of humous for £2.49 and a huge piece of fresh bread for £1. And today over breakfast and lunch, we've well and truly filled our boots.

I know, being a big consumer of humous from all the major outlets and, even, the local health food store in Totnes, that this amount of humous would cost us in excess of £10 and the bread at least £3.50. Now perhaps this shop doesn't want to or isn't making a profit but I very much doubt it. 

I accept that this is my personal opinion but there's something niggling me knowing that with all the excess packaging, the road miles and the marketing, we're all paying a very high price for wanting such extraordinary choice. 

Perhaps that's it: we all need to reduce our expectations, buy from local producers and, where appropriate, protest with our feet in not accepting these exorbitant prices.

What do you think?

Do you think we're being ripped off?



Photo by Didier Weemaels on Unsplash


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