Good morning ✨

Hello, it's me again.

I'm up; and the coffee ☕ is poured. It's a new, slightly less strong (grade 3) Ethiopian blend. I'll tell you at the end what it's like: it's too hot to drink at the mo.

How was yesterday?


Drum roll 🥁: I had two — yep, two — pieces of legal work to do. I nearly fell off my chair, or should I say I nearly (ha ha) woke up.

But it was OK. I chomped through them in no time at all. Whether anyone will take note of my lofty advice, I've no idea. That's the one slight problem with my job: it's like patting a small dog (children, no; definitely, no, to patting them on the top of their heads...): good job but then everyone quickly ignores you.

I don't care.

I'm used to it by now, and, hey, it's just a job.

I went to the gym last night with daughter #3. She's getting a bit obsessed but then again, I've this sneaking suspicion she's gearing herself up for a fitness test if she does try out for either of the police or army. Both are a long way off but there's no time like the present, eh. It's always good fun to spend time with her, even if it's just sitting in the car together. I always learn something.

Tomorrow, we're off to Haddenham, near Oxford to see my brother and his wife. It's only for one night as we're headed into London first thing Saturday morning to drop off daughter #1's clothes and the myriad of stuff she wants us to bring to her flat. By (say) US standards it's a short drive but trust me, by the time we get home late Saturday we'll be ready for bed. The trafffic...the bloody traffic in and around London. Don't forget too that we live in the South West of England (Devon) and getting anywhere isn't, well, easy, if you get my drift.

I've not yet put my pedal to the metal when it comes to finding alternative work but yesterday I had a little sniff around a few job sites for law lecturing jobs. Of course, I'm not qualified (in the strict sense of the word) but the thing that stood out was how poorly paid were the roles. God knows how an academic is meant to live, particularly in one of the major cities! I assume they have to do other things to make ends meet. I don't think I'll be going down that route no matter the interest. I think it far more likely I'll go the freelance way as so many of my cohort have done. 

My boss is back today — I think. That means everyone will start behaving very oddly — if you get my drift.

Anyhow, enough of me. I did this morning when being urgently woken by my alarm think about a book I've got but have never read. Here's a quote I particularly like.

“The place to improve the world is first in one's own heart and head and hands, and then work outward from there.”
― Robert M. Pirsig, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry Into Values

Enjoy your day.

Love ❤️, Ju.

Photo by Simon Wilkes on Unsplash

PS. The coffee is very nice but I think I went a bit mad with the amount. Consequently, it feels like it's sticking to my teeth.


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