'There she blows' 🐋

I'm up.

It's 5.11 am.

And the coffee is going down a treat.

This morning, I feel supremely alive helped (I'm sure) by a good's night sleep; I still had one trip to the bathroom but that's only because I drank two pints of water 🌊 before I went to bed. I needed to, though, having been to the gym with daughter #3 and done a fair bit of aerobic stuff.

OK, so what's on today?

I'm in the office. That's not quite accurate to describe my locus. I work in a factory, save that I work out of a 1960s designed monolith. It's seen much better days but I can't complain because I've got plenty of space, a reasonably quiet environment and I can sneak in a bit of music on my work headphones — hee hee.

I'm really quiet at the moment. We're just not selling much and that means the normal raft of contracts aren't coming my way. What's left for me to get my teeth into, with my previous private practice work ethic, doesn't take any time at all to eat up. It doesn't matter. I'm keeping myself busy — if you get my drift 😉.

Right now, I'm reading — it would be more accurate to say I'm devouring — the works of Robert Wolfe. This is what it says on his publisher's website:

"During Robert's travels he has labored as an auto assembly line worker in Detroit, as a carnival worker, a journalist in New York City, on a farm of a Zen community in California, as a landscaper, a financial consultant, a janitor. After living in the Mendocino area for about twenty years he bought a camper van and moved onto a property in a redwoods forest where he studied the inner life intensely. Something fell into place there after a number of years, and out of that period of solitude, Robert began writing and sharing his observations on the reality that surrounds and includes us. Shortly thereafter, Robert moved to Ojai, California where he continues to live and write."

Whatever his background, one thing is clear: his writing is tight, accurate and exactly what I need to come to at this stage in my further enquiry of non-duality. Of course, true self (my message) has nothing to do with words but then again, like the late Suzuki Roshi would say about the need to meditate, everyone needs a bit of work on themself — Haha. 

Actually, I'd put it this way: there are many ways to describe the happening of this moment. Robert's writing is just another perspective on the pathless path.

I'm listening to Cat Stevens. I've subscribed to Google Play and it's coming up with some tight playlists. This song (below) is new to me. I'm surprised because I thought I knew all of Cat's work but then again, when I think about it, I've only ever played his greatest hits and, no doubt, this song wouldn't have got a look in. I'm sure others can set me straight if I've got that wrong.

Yesterday, as you'll seen, I cleaned up my Patreon page. It might not seem like a big deal but I feel I've liberated myself to write and record more freely. I'd sought of boxed myself in with weekly essays and monologues which were taking up too much time. Now, in calling what I do monographs, I feel I can be much more valuable to my patrons.

Right, time to get going.

Sorry, I always seem to end these posts in a perfunctory way but the beating heart of my early morning routine doesn't wait for anyone, including me.




Photo by Humberto Braojos on Unsplash

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