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I've just seen Chuck Palahniuk share this on Facebook.

Seems bang on the profanity point if you ask me. Apologies to those easily offended.

"Expletives are my f*cking favorite words

As I mentioned, I have three small kids, and, no, I haven’t learned not to swear in front of them. In fact, I am probably worse about swearing than I ever was before. All the stress and sleep deprivation has made me into a foul-mouthed mom-ster. Thankfully, when my children inevitably call me out for ruining their lives, I can tell them I have at least taught them some of the most versatile words in the English language. Here’s a few words I wrote on the subject in 2016 that I still swear by (pun intended):

Expletives are the best words in the world. They are old as fuck. And some, like tits, fart, and shit haven’t changed in hundreds of years! Swear words are versatile, interesting, varied, and easily understood across language barriers. The meaning and severity vary by context and inflection, and they can be used as almost any part of speech:

Noun: What the fuck is that?

Verb: I fucked up.

Gerund: Fucking is a great way to burn calories.

Progressive verb: This blinking bulb has been fucking with my sanity.

Adjective (present participle): This is fucking crazy.

Interjection: Fuck!

Imperative verb: Fuck off!

And so many more—the multitudes of uses have no end! And they are SO EASY TO LEARN.  If you have small children in your life, then you know first-hand how quickly children pick up how to accurately and effectively apply expletives in the appropriate context without having to be taught. They couldn’t hear you when you told them to pick up their socks, but they heard you loud and clear when you muttered “shit” while trying to locate your glasses. Cheeky little fuckers."



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