Just this

Good morning friends.

I'm up; I'm ready for the day; and, yes, coffee — always coffee — is poured and placed by my keyboard ready to be drunk one small mouthful at a time.

And this morning's little ode is:

just this.

Oh, god, here he goes again.

No, seriously: this is what's coming up; in fact, I woke at precisely 2.10 am and the post was already written but I knew that I needed more sleep so, once I'd done my ablutions, I promptly lay down again and (thankfully) went back to sleep.

The thing is, I've been to a lot of talks by non-dual speakers; Tony Parsons was by far the most entertaining but that's for another post.

And they all said the same thing apropos the meaning of, well, everything:

"...there is just this."

To be the best of my knowledge, they weren't seriously challenged to answer the question: yes, but what is 'this' you're referring to?

Sorry, I should have said: I doubt very much if very many people are interested to explore life this deeply. They've not enough going on in their lives without having to constantly navel-gaze. But, I suppose, you do get to a stage in your life where you need to know more than how to get through the day and the one that follows. In fact, from my limited experience, most people, when asked, will be interested to know:

What's my purpose?
Why am I here?
What's it (life) all about?

Back to my this-ness point.

What's it all about?

The essence of this quote, perhaps:

“All you need is already within you, only you must approach your self with reverence and love. Self-condemnation and self-distrust are grievous errors. Your constant flight from pain and search for pleasure is a sign of love you bear for your self, all I plead with you is this: make love of your self perfect. Deny yourself nothing — glue your self infinity and eternity and discover that you do not need them; you are beyond.”
― Nisargadatta Maharaj

But then again, if I said unfettered, unlimited love is the this-ness would that mean anything to the thinking self? I don't think so. It thinks of love in a relational sense.

To me, and not that I've got any authority in this area, I would always ask people who enquired and were drawn to this non-dual sensibility to go their direct experience rather than taking their cue from the solace of a bushel of (largely) meaningless words/sounds.

What is your direct experience of the happening of the moment?

Or better still: What is there when there is no thinking?





OK, my answer (for what it's worth): a moving, shifting, energetic expression that's beyond words. Sure, that's a cop-out but if I told you it was emptiness appearing as form or form appearing as emptiness you'd think that a tautological mishap. 

I could simply call it emptiness but that would connote something to hold it. And if I then said, awareness, you'd say awareness of what?

You see.

It's not easy.

But then again, with the absolute/universal, words aren't much help.

Hey, forget it.

Live your life — the whole bloody catastrophe and you'll be fine. 

But of course, we rarely do. Instead, we're constantly wishing it different. And to be clear this 'this-ness' doesn't and/or can't come to your rescue. That's why when I bear witness to the cheerleading cohort exhorting positive affirmation and the like, I start to chuckle inside (the invisible man again) because it's like asking the whole universe to be something different.

I'm quite sure, by now, I've lost you. Hell, I may even have ruined your breakfast!

But, at the end of the day, as I've said enough many times, my writing on all matters non-duality is the way I'm expressed. I could write about work, music, sport, art and so much more but, to date, they've not taken up a big part of my life.

Anyhow, have a great day ❤️.

Deep bows.


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