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"charitable relief of the poor," especially as a religious duty, also "that which is given to relieve the poor or needy," Old English ælmesse "almsgiving, act of relieving the needy," from Proto-Germanic *alemosna (source also of Old Saxon alamosna, Old High German alamuosan, Old Norse ölmusa), an early borrowing of Vulgar Latin *alemosyna (source of Old Spanish almosna, Old French almosne, Italian limosina).

Q. Is it wrong to ask for support, financial or otherwise, for my 'work'?

I mean, come on, Ju, it's not as if you're living on the streets our without the ability to support myself.

Sorry, I know this might seem random but I'm concerned about asking for support on Patreon, Buy Me A Coffee and via Paypal when, as I've made clear here and elsewhere, I'm still working.

I mean, if I was totally reliant upon donations or alms then it might be a different matter.

It almost looks like I want my cake and...

Perhaps I should stop asking; indeed, I might be giving off the wrong impression. 

But then again, I genuinely think that what I'm offering on Patreon (and here) has some value. Sure, that's a vain way of considering my writing and audio offerings, but then again, there is a cost, which I'd dearly like to try and cover. One thing I've not shared is the fact that I've got a half-decent Wordpress blog with a significant amount of content. If, as likely, I don't receive any support between now and 20 April 2020 then, save for the domain, I'll be forced to kill it off. 

What do you think?

Do you think it's wrong to invite patronage for my work?

I really can't make up my mind.

Much love, Ju. 

Photo by Austin Prock on Unsplash


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