The happening

“The mind creates the abyss, the heart crosses it.”
Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

This week, I've written a lot — more than usual — about true self.

You might think I'm promoting something.

I'm not. It's how I'm expressed: to express myself. 

If I'm honest, I've no idea why I'm enthralled with writing, recording a monologue and the occasional video. 

One day...well, I might not feel inclined.

What I'm pointing to comes from a non-dual perspective, and it's always offered for your consideration. Some people will be drawn to it. Others not. And either way is fine. 

I do know, from my own inner journey, that what I'm pointing to is very hard to grasp, but that's only because to the logical, thinking 'self' there is no-thing to grasp. If that sounds too ethereal think about it like this.

Everything changes.

It's all impermanent.

And that means it's impossible to describe the formless, particularly when the label doesn't ever describe the feeling, emotion or (apparent) physical thing. That's abstract I know but if you were looking at a cloud and saw a shape — i.e. a person's face — in the moment that you recognised it, it would be moving onto something else. I appreciate that elsewhere things move more slowly but they're still a formless, energetic expression; and words don't do it/them justice. They can't because they're trying to describe something that's indescribable. 

But of course, to the me, it never sees this. It lives in a dualistic world where it thinks there's an invisible person that should be able to control its circumstances, if only it could hit upon the right technique or process. 

Sorry folks. 

There is no identifiable me. And there are no techniques that will bring lasting happiness — in the ordinary, I am happy, sense. Remember the Heart Sutra:

"...emptiness is form;
form is emptiness..."

Where does that leave you?

Up shit creek...!

No, not at all.

Whilst on first blush you might think if there's no one doing anything there's little point in trying to do anything. If that's the way you're expressed, fine, but I'll wager you won't do it for very long. At some stage, you'll move, you'll act and there will be a stream of thoughts that compel you (no doubt) to do something. 

Does it also mean, once grasped (there is, in fact, nothing to grasp — you're it: part of the infinite) you'll throw away all your dreams and aspirations for the future? You might, but then again, you might just as likely continue to persevere in the perseverance department believing that the me is directing and navigating your life.

To be clear: not that my life is an example of anything, but, much like the rest of Universe, things will continue in the same vein as they've done for the last 52 years, namely, they'll be an aliveness arising in the moment, I'll express myself the way I'll express myself but beyond that, I don't need to consider anything else. (Of course, there is no I because it is simply part of the formless happening of the moment.)

Have a wonderful day.

Much love ❤️, Ju

PS. If this seems off the woo-woo scale, particularly the no me part, then all I'd ever ask you to do, if you're so inclined, is to go to your direct experience of life and ask yourself the question: "What is there when there is no thinking?"


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