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What's the point?

South Brent Hill

There must come a time where we all wake up.

We wake up to:

  1. The earth's deterioration

  2. Our obsession with money

  3. Our egocentric way of seeing the world

...and a whole slew of problems that stop us coming alive to who or what we truly are.

But I don't see it.

In fact, absent a crisis, I don't see my generation or the one to follow changing at all. (We live in a put-it-off society.)

On one level, this makes me sad and cross in equal measure. On another, more God-like level, I have no feeling either way.

If, like me, you swim in oceans of supposed thought leaders, I would question if all that's playing out is the old paradigm in new clothes (or some such metaphor). Certainly, I don't hear anything revolutionary let alone radical from the political establishment, nor the Church. Instead, they go along with the old order asking us to get better, stay on message and not misbehave.

But that's not what we need.

We need leaders to lead. Not groupthink specialists, but people who make us go beyond our exterior and look deep within. In fact, the only question they need posit is "Who am I?". (Have you asked yourself that question, and tried to explain your current malady?)

I don't know what my life holds for me, but one thing I know, is that there's very little left for me in trying to live out the story of old. Instead, I need to create a new story, one of complete acceptance, presence and love.

I know it will be hard to make sense of what unfolds, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't try.

Guess, for this first something needs to collapse.
Because how can you be a leader in this mass full of media that always circulates around the same persons?
If you got something clever to say, you won't even be noticed. Or you'll be regarded as an enemy.
The whole cronyism in this of distributing ideas, you're friends with someone, you're someone's offspring or you're someone with a prosperous business, it kills off the business right from the start because it's only ideas of these which seem relevant for a further spread.