“We are snowflakes, melting
on the tongue of the universe.”
― John Mark Green, Taste the Wild Wonder: Poems

There is only this moment.

Right here, right now.

It's not words: it's all you'll ever experience.

Some people, particularly in spiritual circles, try to label it:

the Now.

Ignore the labels, and go to your direct experience.

What is happening right now?

Sit with it.

Whatever it is, it's moving and/or shifting on to something else.

Sadly, through the prism of me, we hold fast to forms, feelings and emotions.

But there is no me; it's no different to the cloud metaphor save that it happens (apparently) more slowly.

If you're able to see, experience and be with it fully — i.e. the happening of the moment — it's not a case that life will suddenly change (forget the idea of enlightenment!) but, hopefully, you'll come to realise that you're part of the dance of the Universe and in that space, there's nothing to do, nowhere to go and being you, all body, mind and soul, is something that happens automatically absent the restriction of our mind-inducing, corrupting stories.

If all that sounds too fantastical, just remember, the moment you feel the first pain of regret, anger or frustration that that too will pass much like everything else in nature.

Deep bows. 


Photo by Tom Barrett on Unsplash

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