Good morning

“The question is not what you look at, but what you see.”
― Henry David Thoreau

Here I am again, sat at my desk, coffee poured and...writing this little post.

And, without wishing to sound too pretentious, it feels right.

It's day #2 of my return to work — no big deal, right, but then again, it won't be long before we turn the corner on another year. 

Life flows, inexorably.

The future — ah, that's just a dream (and lots more thinking, apparently).

The past — that's done, over and never, save in our heads, to return again.

And now: it's all we've got.

Whilst I can't say how or what is happening right now, I do know that being here, no matter how sh*t it might appear, is a gift and one I'd like to think I'll continue, not that I'm in charge, to embrace as best I can.

Much love ❤️, Ju.

Photo by David Mao on Unsplash


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