It was a long time ago...

...I first went to the gym.

In fact, it was June 1982 that I first pitched up at a two-room gym in Paignton, Devon run by Tony and Mike. 

It was basic, and I mean really basic. 

In time, they moved to larger premises and became the go-to place in Town.

I still remember my first proper workout. I was 15, and I asked my best friend, Mark, to come along. He was Schoolboy Champion at Judo; I was a Regional Champion in Karate. But (I suspect) we both knew that we were nearing the end of our competing days, and it was time for something new. 

Neither of us had a clue what we were doing and so Tony — a bodybuilder of sorts — guided us around the limited apparatus, and, in total, we spent three hours working out our entire body. 

All I remember was being completely in love with the feeling I got when pushing a weight to failure. 

The next day was (of course) a different story: neither of us could move: we were in so much pain.

I might have ended it there but the love/hate affair continues to this day, albeit interrupted by work, raising a family and cycling.




PS. I'm no longer interested in what I look like externally — you know what boys/men are like 💪. I'm much more interested in staying fit and doing something I enjoy.

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Buy Me A Coffee

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