I'm so reliant on Google:

1. My phone.
2. My photos (I do have a Flickr account but don't use it properly).
3. Google Keep in place of Evernote.
4. Gmail — what else?
5. Music — I don't have a paid subscription but it syncs with all my MP3 downloads.
6. Chrome.
7. Books — not many but a few.
8. Docs — I help my kids with their College and University work; I mostly work in Word.
9. Calendar.
10. And, of course, all the data I've shared.

My biggest concern, apart from data protection, is making sure that my family can access things when I'm no longer here. I think they all know my password/s, but I need to make sure (just in case!) that they can access things. 

Ditto so many other platforms that I maintain.



Photo by Lauren Edvalson on Unsplash


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