Despite my frequent posting on Livejournal, I'm still not sure I understand how things work.

I've tried to spend as much time as possible looking around the communities, a few personal feeds (and thanks for accepting my friend requests), but it's the content I'm struggling with.

The thing is, having been around social media for a while, and ditched or lost platforms to the Ghosts of investors past, I appreciate how frustrating it can become when the person you're connected with repeats their message ad nauseam; and I'm conscious that I may have already fallen prey to that dysfunctional way of seeing the world.

In my case, as I've said before, I don't plan what I write: I show up at my computer and it just sort of happens. Sometimes I'm feeling it — I'd like to think I'm on my game — but at other times, I'd be lying if I didn't admit to it being a bit of a struggle.

Perhaps, though, I'm overthinking this.

I should go where the mood takes me which might include, as it has today, a little blog, a musical share, poetry (mine) and a reference to my not-very-good cookery skills.

I'd love to hear from those people I'm connected to or follow my stream (is that the right expression?) what they enjoy reading or would prefer to see.




PS. At the moment I typed those last few words I heard Russell Crowe in his role in Gladiator shouting:

"Are you not entertained?"

Heavens above.

Photo by Toshi on Unsplash


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