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My goal for 2013 is simple: focus.

In my case that means doing less. 

I intend also to explore meditation, buddhism and yoga. I believe that these offer me the best chance to fulfill my own expectations "to become what we [I] truly are [am]".

As I get older, I find that I need much less stimulation. In fact, the more space I create between me and the vicissitudes of life the happier I am. This isn't about being grumpy but rather lessening my attachment to external stimulation.

I'm still exploring Livejournal, and I'm sure that there is much more to the community aspect that I have yet to explore. In the main I see it as a way to share my life experience.

I hope to write every day, but I can't guarantee that it will be a detailed exposition or particularly focused.


Also, I know that Livejournal has its drawbacks absent the App to go with the platform - it's not mobile friendly - but I hope I can be excused the slight failings of the platform.

2013 is unlikely, in economic terms, to be a whole lot different to 2012, but that doesn't mean we can't plan, effect change or think carefully about what is truly important to us. The thing is if we are not careful we end up repeating yesteryear, which leaves us with a sense of lost opportunity. Don't let that happen to you. Make sure you do something different every day to last year.

I want to make this year more productive than last year but I know that it won't happen by constant exhortation. I have to make it happen. For me, time is running out, and I can't afford to be having the same conversation next year.

Best wishes for the New Year.

Julian -

PS. If you haven't yet explored Livejournal why don't you give it a try.....
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