Look to your direct experience

I don't want to besmirch the entire personal development ("PD") industry, but (in case you hadn't noticed) there's no shortage of advice swimming around the vast ocean of knowledge (...not wisdom!) in an attempt to sell you on a personal brand that will turn your life around.

Heady stuff, right?

But then again, do you need to look anywhere to, inter alia, turn your life around, find happiness or find your purpose in life?

It's a big statement I know, but I don't think so.

I think, almost without exception, you already know 'life' well enough to secure all the aforementioned and so much more.

The problem is how you access the 'information' (or is it insight?). Or, better still, how you connect on a higher realm with a place where your logical, thinking self isn't in charge.

Who was it that said, "the unexamined life isn't worth living"? Socrates. Well, he was right. And I don't mean you rummage around in the exterior buckets hoping to find a shining light to swallow hook, line and sinker. But, instead, to ask the seminal question:

Who am I?

As I know only too well, it doesn't behove of an immediate let alone an obvious answer. Instead, if you go back through the source of your understanding (if you're lucky), you come to a place of not knowing. This isn't speculation. No, this has been reported across many philosophies and religions for aeons. 

...And right there is where most people give up because (of course) there's no immediate answer to all the vicissitudes that life has thrown in their way. 

But then again, some take that to mean there are no answers, just beginner's mind and in that place, nothing, and I mean nothing is off-limits. That doesn't mean to say they throw complete caution to the wind and abandon all sense of self, but then again, a few realise that there's no point following their trail of random and often quite destructive thoughts when all they'll do is remind them that everything changes — including said thoughts — and trying to chase after the ethereal, unformed space thrown up by their thoughts is like trying to define themself by biting their teeth.

What am I really trying to say (and I will develop this post over the course of this week)? Stop wishing for a PD miracle and instead look to your direct experience of life.

See through your eyes without relying on your thoughts. Ditto all the other senses, and trust me life looks brand new. Yes, it seems preposterous and indeed slightly nutty to investigate life this way but remember that a newborn has no labels and to them (as best we know) it's just a pulsating, vibrating experience. The newborn certainly doesn't come out the womb asking for a cookie or the like.

To say again, and even if this post is too far of the woo-woo scale (at least for now), always go to your direct experience and ask yourself what's happening in this precise moment. (No flippant answers on a postcard please.)



PS. You might enjoy this video with Darryl Bailey who expands still further on the above pointers.

Photo by Vlad Tchompalov on Unsplash


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