NY resolutions (2020)

Just about now there will be (I'm sure) a plethora of highly suggestive posts exhorting that we list out all the things that we're going to do in 2020 that we didn't do this year or should be doing.

Excuse the profanity, but it's all bullsh*t!

"How so, Ju?"

'Cos (in case you hadn't noticed), you don't create your interests, your love of certain things (and not others) and you most certainly don't will your will.

"Oh, I see: I'm just meant to sit around and do sweet FA."

Yes, if you like but chances are you'll be moved to move and whilst it might be nice to write down those things that are bugging the crap out of you, trust me, the feeling — the itch if you like — won't last very long; and then you'll be back to square one.

Better I say to take each day as it comes; or better still to accept this moment as if you'd chosen it. Or if that's still not doing it for you — not that it should! — then approach each day with beginner's mind.

Or at least that's what I'm proposing to do. 




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