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Christmas Eve

Surprise, surprise I was up pretty much on cue. It had been raining all night which meant my sleep was fitful and disturbed. I caught up quickly with my social media material and emails. This time of year, understandably, there isn't much content on the Web. I started a short story on Tumblr but ended up copying everything across to Google docs (I'm working off of a Chromebook).

After breakfast the Summerhayes clan decided to go to Bath for a last bit of Christmas cheer. It was delightful, even though a little wet. My girls excel at shopping and not always at high street stores. The eldest is very good at finding bargains at Charity shops and can make £10 stretch a very long way.

We are in planning mode for tomorrow. There will be nine of us in total, which is small for the Perring family (my wife's family). Normally we have 20+ people for Christmas day. I won't be cooking now until New Year's day when I will be hosting 26 people in total.

I am really looking forward to tomorrow. I love seeing my children as they open their presents; and they make it truly special. I feel blessed.

I probably won't post much tomorrow, save for possibly checking Twitter once in a while.

Have a wonderful Christmas. 

Best wishes

- Julian

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