I slept reasonably well; I got a good six hours: that's good for me.

I then eased my way into the day with some stretching, and 30 minutes of silent meditation using the Insight timer app. I don't bother with any of the functionality save the timer. It's a good discipline and is something that I'm returning to after a long break — the dedicated sitting practice that is.

Next, Alfie needed a walk, which I've now completed but not before stopping off to take a few photos on my usual loop around the village. 


I'm now sitting down to write and record my weekly monologue on Patreon and I'll share it here and on Mixcloud.

After then it will be usual Sunday chores — e.g. ironing and cleaning — before we head out for a family gathering in Tavistock. It's become a bit of ritual — and an expensive one, sadly — where we try to get all my wife's family together. This year we're going to a new venue; I've been there before and I'm not holding out much hope that the vegans will be very well served. It might (as is so often the case) turn out to be a very expensive bowl of soup!

Once we've completed the festivities, we'll head back home — I guess it will be close to 7pm by then — and the gang will get ready for work next week. Thankfully, I've taken tomorrow off. I've no serious plans but I will make sure to do some writing, reading and exercise. I know, hardly the most exciting life, but it's how I like it: very simple.

Anyhow, have a wonderful Sunday.




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