Stop running

As a kid in the early 70s, life was a lot simpler.

I mean: there were far fewer choices with which to enjoy life, deeply.


We're replete with experiences, things and opportunities, and we run after them with at breakneck speed until, well, erm..., we're exhausted.

How so?

"I'm stressed."


"I've got so little time to enjoy the simple things in life."


Not that I'm in the department of 'live-your-life-this-way' but, surely, it's time to step back from the fray and ask yourself a more profound question than:

What's next?

But we don't. 

Instead (mostly), we get seduced into believing that something better is just around the corner and if only we tried a little harder or immersed ourself in the next go-to thing — e.g. meditation — we'd hit upon the solution to living a meaningful, purpose-driven life.

Good luck.

The truth is we need very little to survive, less still to be happy. Arguably, we need nothing on the latter front because ipso facto how can we pursue something (innately) we already are?

Yes, I know that sounds a bit random, but when you take away the sense of a me and that a me is in control, you'll quickly apprehend that you're not in control any more than you can change the weather; and if only you'd let go of the need (which is a fallacy in any event) to bend the Universe to your circumstances, you'd feel what it means to live all body, mind and spirit.

Back to my simplicity point. I know Christmas is hardly the best place to start — you're probably in full-planning mode — but ask yourself off all the things you've tried and/or experienced which were the one or two that left you feeling 100% alive? In my case, not that I'm seeking anything, but a walk in nature is all that I need. Sure, I need to work to earn and pay the bills, but work is not my life anymore. 

And you?

What's the one thing you feel driven to do whatever the circumstances? Or more to the point, what's getting in the way of you doing it?



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Photo by guille pozzi on Unsplash


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