jusummerhayes (jusummerhayes) wrote,

Hyper individualism

South Brent

“A movement is thrilling. It’s the work of many people, all connected, all seeking something better.” -- Seth Godin

We're so bloody selfish -- me included.

Let's be honest, for all the talk about self-realisation, we almost never think about others before ourselves.

How sad.

But without looking for the (obvious) excuse, in many ways, we've been driven to this by the capitalist ideal, the loss of faith and a political class who are intent on maintaining the past rather than envisioning a brave new world.

The thing is, as our Earth's resources abate, and we see an ever-changing planet that becomes more challenging to live on, I remain convinced we'll have to revisit a more collegiate paradigm where greed is replaced by sharing, mutual trust is the norm not the exception and helping others won't be viewed as a charitable exercise but of necessity.

If this sounds like a throwback to a different era, you'd be right. I see tribes or communities forming not because it's trendy, but because they/we've no choice. In that environment, despite our human nature to always place 'me first' at the head of the existence table, it simply won't be allowed to exist if we want to survive. Frankly, when's there's a lot less to go round -- water, food and clean air -- a community model will be a life-preservation model or risk civil unrest on a scale that we've not witnessed up to now.


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