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Losing our way

“All you really need to do is accept this moment fully. You are then at ease in the here and now and at ease with yourself.” -- Eckhart Tolle

We rarely set out with the end in mind (is it even possible?). If it were otherwise, we'd rarely need to dabble in so many things.

Even something like a career should be straightforward, but it's anything but, particularly given that most businesses don't know where they're headed or the skills they need (the right people on the right seats is a mystery to many).

In truth, the only way to live is in the now.

This moment.

Not the one we project or interpret but the one right before our feet.

Of course, the ego hates it that way -- it wants to control everything -- but, in the end, unless we live presently we'll never be settled on life but merely a swirl of confusion.

For many people this message gets lost in living...and that's hard enough. I don't have a magic solution save perhaps returning to something that's essential to our daily living -- our breath.

Try it.

Next time your thrown out of kilter by an emotional maelstrom come back to the breath. By that I mean stand or sit where you are and take a number of long breaths in and even longer exhales and focus only on the breath, not the next thought that arises. Oh sure, it's not going to resolve everything but it will puncture your ego-centric self just long enough, hopefully, for you to remind yourself what's important in your life and why it's impossible to think you can control everything.

If you can take this practice further and make time for quiet contemplation or meditation then so much the better, but the point to grasp is that now is the only moment that's important.

And if all else fails, you might want to bookmark this post and remember to watch Steve Jobs' video, which no doubt you've heard about or may even have watched.


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