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I can't decide whether having an inbuilt alarm clock is a good thing.

Without exception, I always wake up somewhere between 5.20am and 5.50am. Perhaps one day a week, my batteries might go flat and I sleep in beyond 6am (oh you Devil Julian!).

Some would say that I should try something different - going to bed earlier might be a start - but the truth is that I enjoy/love/cherish the time that I have to myself.

Like most families, we lead busy lives. Once the children get up (during the School week) it is full on: breakfast, sandwiches and looking for an assortment of clothes.

You will have seen me posting quotes this week. I have carefully selected these and made a purposeful point of posting them at the same time. I don't know if quotes are your thing, but, this time round, rather than being random, I have tried to be more purposeful in my choice. 

2013, as I have already said, is the year that I focus less on my social media output and more on my writing. That means that Twitter, Google+ and Facebook will get less of my time. If I'm not disciplined, they endlessly distract me. Emails I can cope with, but even there I need to keep my phone away from me to avoid the temptation to check them every 30 minutes or so.

I have been thinking about the place of my main writing platforms: my Blog, Tumblr and LiveJournal. These thoughts are not set in stone, but I think each one will come to define a different part of my persona:

My blog: social media, personal development and business related issues

Tumblr: poetry, prose and essays or short stories 

LiveJournal: a daily or regular update on what I am up to, how much time I have spent writing and other musings.

For my writing off of social media platforms, I now use Word and save everything to Skydrive. I was using Google Drive but I didn't like the lack of functionality.

I hope this explains a little bit more about my mornings. 

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