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Blogging to Livejournal

“Change almost never fails because it's too early. It almost always fails because it's too late." -- Seth Godin

I feel such a klutz.

There I was mixing it up (daily) on Wordpress when all along I should have looked for a community in the shape of Livejournal.

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love my site, but it always felt forced to blog to a platform that required constant updates, when all I wanted to do was write. That's not to say I'm walking away from Wordpress. Not at all. But what I will be doing every month (starting in February 2015), is to post an essay that will distill the thesis of Awaken the Genius Within so that by year end I will have sufficient content to publish a manifesto (via Kindle Direct I hope).

I've been blogging to Livejournal every day since 14 December 2014, and whilst I wasn't sure if I would keep up the momentum, it's been much easier than I thought by dint of the fact that all I have to do is write. If I'm honest I wasn't sure if I was doing the right thing, but I knew I couldn't sit on the multifarious ideas that swirl around my mind without finding a home for them. And I haven't been disappointed. Not in the least. Oh sure, Livejournal isn't perfect -- if you want to read things on a mobile you have to download the Livejournal app -- but it beats all those other platforms I've tried that are intent on signing you up to more and more complex templates.

In writing this post, I'm not expecting you to do anything, least of all embrace Livejournal (although I've convinced my brother that it's worth his time -- Martin you have so much to share; and I love you dearly for who you are), but I do wish a few more people would join the Livejournal party, particularly those who I know have to lot to share and contribute.

As to the areas I intend to blog about, I've decided to group them under seven areas:

  1. Career/business

  2. Family

  3. Financial

  4. Mental

  5. Physical

  6. Social

  7. Spiritual

There's no magic here but I know it's going to be easier for me than simply turning up and hoping that at some stage my muse joins the party. To be clear. I'm not only going to write about these areas, but if stick to them over the course of each week (I'm not yet sure if I will write the same topic on the same day each week) it will be easier to pick up the various themes that I seem intent on developing.

I know I face a challenge in finding the time and enthusiasm to blog every single day but as I've said before, even if I only put down one word -- yes, one word can be a blog -- then I know I'll be able to keep up the flow.

Anyhow enough of me.

What about you?

If you're not on Livejournal, why aren’t you blogging too?

PS. In case you're wondering about that old chestnut, business development, yes it will be here or on LinkedIn, but I feel I've done enough talking on the subject. It's time for action both from me and others.

making the jump
I'm just starting out with my first LiveJournal, having used most website and blogging platforms over the years. It certainly makes concentrating on the writing easy, although I suppose the trade off is a lack of flexibility.
I'm staying open minded, but I am not convinced yet.
Re: making the jump
I'm not sure if it's a trade off. To my mind, it's far better to write than to have to worry about another update or theme change. If I think about someone like Seth Godin, his Typepad platform (the bit where he writes) hasn't changed in years; and, in the end, all I want to do is read or watch something and not be distracted by how slick the platform is. (As an example, Chris Brogan's new shiny site makes it hard to find his blog.) I'm intent on writing here but also writing to Wordpress (and possibly Cowbird and Ello). I'm hopeful that in time, either via the platform's 'Friends' feed or via my social channels, I might get more engagement and feedback not because me or my ego crave it (...perhaps just a l-i-t-t-l-e) but because it will help me with my writing.

I've subscribed to your feed and look forward to our further exchanges.
Re: making the jump
I used to be a developer, so not having that flexibility is always a tricky one for me. It is also the reason that I thought I'd try livejournal for a project though.

Like you I didn't want to get bogged down with "running a site", and just wanted to put some words down. I'd usually do something like wordpress.com (hosted solution) for that, but thought I'd try something else.

Thanks for the follow. I've done the same.
Hm, admittedly, blogging through platforms like Wordpress, it also carries another aspect with it. Here you come around, get an account, quickly make yourself a home, while with Wordpress you also have the whole technical aspect with it. Blog needs a space in the net, then installing, adapting - it takes a while until you're ready and still then no need for it to work properly.
Establishing a blog from this platform here also is no piece of cake as the catching in a search engine is a lot better on others, but if you stick to the network and as long as you only want some audience, it may just be okay. (With the promotion, you can also help by other platforms.)