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All I wanted to say was that I am enjoying the experience. I don't want to become too off the cuff, but I hope that this blog (is it still that?) is somewhere I can share the odd rant, posit or stupid story (to me at least).
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Morning. Any tips for getting more out of the social side of LJ? I haven't written as much as I thought but I will address that going forward. But I would really like to get up to speed with how I connect with a tribe of writers and poets.

Re: LiveJournal
There really is only one way to connect with people on LJ, and that is to make interesting comments on their posts. You can use the search functions to find people with a particular interest. Then have a look at their posts, and make interesting comments. And do the same for their friends, and friends of their friends. Introduce yourself - say you've friended them and thought their journal was interesting. There's a good chance they'll follow you back.

There aren't really any shortcuts. As a social networking tool, LJ requires more work than any other.