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I could cheat and leave it with this talk between Seth Godin and Tom Peters but I won't (please do watch it though).

Blogging remains the one thing that differentiates those people who have a message and those willing to share it...with all the risk and opportunity that that brings.

Nowadays, when I talk about blogging there are still many people who don't know what it is but once we get over that, I then try to open up the conversation beyond "how do I write a blog? (as important as that undoubtedly is).

For me the essence of blogging is in wanting to understand who you are, not in trying to persuade people to your cause. Narcissistic? In spades, but it doesn't last forever: you reach a point where, having hammered an issue to death, you get it out of your system but more than that, you understand its importance to you and your psyche.

To make the effort worth the candle, you have to be willing to share more than the latest hack or insight of your trade or market. The really great blogs share something of the writer that deeply connects with you. And when I say connect, it's more than the odd ah ha moment. More likely, it's in the rawness or honesty of something said that you recognise your own frailty or the fact that it's okay to feel or act a certain way.

I've lamented many times the fact that not enough people blog. I've not done so from the perspective that I need to read more content, pry into people's' lives or be further inspired. Instead, it's much more about the therapeutic process that comes from finding out who you really are. (I've written a lot about the question Who Am I? and yet I've read very little from people who wish to question their mindset and their definition of happiness.)

I know in my case that if it hadn't been for blogging not only would I have remained stuck with an industrial paradigm mindset but I never would have questioned my worldview. As to where I'll be in five or ten years time with blogging, who knows, but one thing’s for sure, the day I let it go, will be the day I lose something of great importance in my life.

Onwards. Forever onwards...


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