jusummerhayes (jusummerhayes) wrote,

A brand new day

I see every single day as the most wonderful, amazing opportunity to:

  • connect

  • make art

  • laugh

  • find peace

  • write

  • speak

  • enjoy nature

  • think

  • live

The thing is before we even begin the day, we’re thinking about all the things we’ve to do, but, in the process, we forget to live...deeply and meaningfully.

Before you check your phone again, deal with another email or attend the next meeting, it’s worth pausing, closing your eyes, taking one or two long, deep breaths and reminding yourself how lucky you are to live at this time, and to fully enjoy the moment.

In fact, if you can do that every hour throughout the rest of the day, you may see Monday as something other than another fire-fighting exercise.


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