jusummerhayes (jusummerhayes) wrote,

Social media is dead

Oh. Yes. It. Is.




It's dead because:

  1. It all looks the same

  2. It's normalised any chance of remarkability

  3. It's only viewed through a narrow lens

  4. It's controlled to the point of boredom

  5. It's anything but genuine

  6. Too little money and or time is devoted to it

  7. And, it feels anything but 'social'

The flip side of this diatribe is that it wouldn't take much passion to return it to the halcyon days where it was viewed as a genuine game-changer; but, of course, who wants to invest time into something as unpredictable and uncertain as blogging et al when they would rather be doing the work. (The best advice is always to work on the business not in it -- see The E-Myth Revisited by Michael E Gerber.)

If you must talk about social media (you'll see it's not something I now say much about - actions speak...and all that), then please don't default to the platforms -- Ooh la la the next Snapchat or nuance on a nuance of another platform is boring as hell. Instead, roll your social media sleeves right up to the neck, and stop pretending. Instead, create as if your life depended on it; and for God's sake show a bit of...no make that huge gobs of...personality.

In other words, without trying to offend every man, woman and child on the Planet, have something to say that's interesting and or useful and or funny and or insightful.

And if you do that consistently, then guess what...

You might fight that the numbers you've acquired mean more than another line on an Excel spreadsheet.


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