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  • Tue, 21:24: Come on BBC4. If you're going to promulgate beat poetry you need some beat poets.
  • Tue, 21:28: So beat poetry is now linked to the Beatles. That one passed me by. All so tame. Where's Buk when you need him?
  • Wed, 06:00: “Whoever uses the spirit that is in him creatively is an artist. To make living itself an art, that is the goal.” ― Henry Miller
  • Wed, 07:30: 'Ups and downs' | on @Patreon https://t.co/OVNstM282w https://t.co/HD1jOek69K
  • Wed, 08:30: Everyone rushing to the next thing. Never any time for now.
  • Wed, 08:58: Still amazed by how few people think a mobile phone is to call people.
  • Wed, 09:55: Training (#1 priority soft skills) is never more needed than now irrespective of the hyperbole over AI/machine learning.
Tags: #1, #bethechange

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