jusummerhayes (jusummerhayes) wrote,

Finding peace

Ladies Wood, South Brent

Peace eludes us:

  • Peace with who we are

  • Peace with our thoughts

  • Peace with our situation

  • Peace with our relationships

  • Peace with what we have

  • Peace with our history

  • Peace with not having...everything (now)

Perhaps it is that we’re destined to live this way -- it could be the tension that keeps us in the game -- but, more likely, it’s because we know no other way.

But deep down, we know it shouldn’t be like this. Yes, it’s rare to meet someone who has accepted everything about themself and their life but they do exist. (My late grandparents were the living embodiment of peace.)

It’s not always the case but one way to make progress is to simplify our lives. This doesn’t just mean adopting a minimalist lifestyle but, instead, getting under the skin of who or what we are.

It’s conjecture but how many people have ever posited the question -- Who am I? -- let alone tried to understand what it means.

Perhaps this is all too deep and self -referential but perhaps not.

Where else would you start?

Controlling your mind?

Good luck with that.


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