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Changing the story

“The most fundamental aggression to ourselves, the most fundamental harm we can do to ourselves, is to remain ignorant by not having the courage and the respect to look at ourselves honestly and gently.”

- Pema Chodron

It’s easy to convince ourselves that this life is real. But so much of it is played out in our heads.

The problem is that seldom do we observe... what is.

We want it this way or that.

And, given the human spirit, it’s ordinarily premised on wanting it better or having more.

Take any situation you like, and even before you’ve articulated a view, you’ve already had an internal conversation and made up your mind the way you would wish the situation, however it actually manifests.

Have you ever asked why?

Or have you ever considered what or who it is that observes the internal voice?

Heavy stuff, eh?

If we can recognise and acknowledge this (the internal storyteller) then, at the very least, we might stand a chance of understanding what ails us or why we perceive things the way we do. Yes, there might be a historical element -- it’s all we’ve ever known -- or our conditioning from repeated actions, but, at some stage, we’ll recognise that to truly change our lives, we have to change the (internal) narrative. There are no tricks or methodologies but only to observe what is without overlaying our faux version.

One practice that will help you open up the space to understand more of what’s going on is meditation. Not only does it allow you the peace and equanimity that’s missing in your life, it provides insight to the true story of living out a life closer to the real genius that is buried somewhere deep inside.

Perhaps meditation isn’t your thing, but, at the very least, you owe it to your higher self to question with a kind and open heart why you continue to see things the way you do without accepting why you can’t find peace with the situation as is.

As a species we might consider our development is premised on the pursuit of happiness, and, yes, that’s the highest aspect of our lives but not when it’s premised on the pursuit of what’s out there (material possessions, wealth and the pursuit of more). In truth, the only way we’ll ever find happiness is to change the internal narrative where love, kindness and truth stand for something more than the faux internal labels we’ve given them over the last few hundred years (or more).


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