jusummerhayes (jusummerhayes) wrote,

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  • Thu, 08:44: Morning @audioBoom. Any issues with servers etc I should know about? My podcast doesn't appear to be playing.
  • Thu, 09:27: Trust me LinkedIn, as soon as I'm ready to indulge in a Premium Account, you'll be the first to know.
  • Thu, 10:50: RT @dodo: This is what happens to a big cat before he performs in the circus. (via @PETA) https://t.co/rMZIVSftFo
  • Thu, 11:11: Sport is the most amazing arena for personal development but the link between mind and performance is rarely understood.
  • Thu, 11:35: With the amount of social media training on offer now, I'd like to think that everyone was an expert but I suspect not.
Tags: #plymouth, #vegans

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