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How many posts are there on the web dealing with this subject? 

1.7 billion

and so you don't need another one!

But it still amazes me how few people read. They might have read as schoolchildren or to progress their career, but they either plateau, or stop their quest and revert to the next fictional best seller. Of course, there is nothing wrong with a good old yarn, but how much do we learn?

I think it was Jim Rohn who said: "All leaders are readers."

I didn't take that to mean 'leaders' of others, but self.

If you want to develop yourself to be the most of anything then there is no better way than to read. Of course, you could immerse yourself in YouTube or go to lectures but reading is portable, you can do it at your pace and on your time.

Next time you are tempted to 

switch on the TV
read the paper
surf the internet

have a look at the books around you, and challenge yourself to read one page. Yes, just one page. I am not asking you to read the whole thing. The point is, if you can break a cycle - and TV watching is exactly that - then you will find it gives you the confidence to think you can read the next page, and the next, until you are so far into the book that you just have to finish it.

Even if you don't have any books, you will find so many free ones on the net these days that you will never be lost to read something.

And if you have read something recently and found it moved you - even if that was to grind your teeth in frustration - then why don't you include a brief comment below or Tweet me the title. I always love to expand my own horizons; and having read way too narrowly for the last 20 years, I am now desperately trying to play catch up.

Have a great weekend.

- Julian

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