jusummerhayes (jusummerhayes) wrote,

Staying true to who you are

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.”

- C G Jung

Who am I?

What's my purpose?

Where next?

Most of us decry these questions.

If nothing else, they're too hard.

It's better, surely, to live life to the full, and let things flow from there.

Possibly? But not if it masks who we truly are.

If we're willing to take the leap, we quickly discover that we haven't got a clue. Yes we have a name, and a personality but understanding how we live out our purpose or become the most of anything escapes us.

I don't, as yet, have a recipe to guarantee you unlock the secret to self-determination, but one thing I do know, from a life replete with failure, is that we've no choice, not just to be human, but to keep moving forward, even if it that means we drag our mind through a raft of autobiographical problems (brought about by a conditioned life), and one where
freedom is our guide.

I suppose what I'm saying is don't give up, ever.

Life is too precious.

And when I say 'give up', I don't mean this life but the one you were truly destined for.


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