jusummerhayes (jusummerhayes) wrote,

When it's all gone

“I have heard the languages of apocalypse, and now I shall embrace the silence.”
― Neil Gaiman, The Sandman: Endless Nights

Not in my lifetime or my childrens', but it's inevitable.

Do we care?

No. Not enough, for if we did this isn't the 'life' we'd be leading:

we'd live with less
we'd stop buying crap (or most things)
we'd change the conversation from growth to...less
we'd grow up and take responsibility
and, we'd stop pretending that it's not a problem.

But we're humans -- narcissistic, nihilistic and self-absorbed to the point where the thing we created, i.e. consumption, is the thing that will eventually kills us (all).


You bloody ought to be. I am. No, seriously: it's one of those all-embracing topics where the glass-half-full approach seems so denuded of anything more than delusion of the highest order.

But of course when the language is posited on growth, trade and it's all mine, is it any wonder we're in such a mess?

What about the earth, the animals and the inanimate things? Who's standing up for them? You, me and some bloated organisation? As far as I can see, despite all the well-meaning but under-resourced charities, no one.

Oh well, never mind, I'll be dead before I have to truly worry about these things, unless, of course, one of those dreadful, apocalyptic movies -- think Waterworld -- comes true.

Onwards, forever onwards.

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