September 13th, 2021

Time flies

My sister-in-law found and gave to my wife some old family photographs, including a few of our wedding. We were 25 when we tied the knot.

OMG, even though I'm only 54 — going on 84 (lol) — it seems a lifetime ago.

Where does the time go?

PS. One day someone will invent a Time Machine (I always think of the H.G. Wells book). Imagine it. What might we change in the past that might have the biggest influence on our future(s)?

PPS. My Boss is back today. No doubt I'll get the obligatory, let's-catch-you-out-call at 8 am. Haha. Good luck with that one: I've been up since 4 am.

My tweets

  • Sun, 12:33: Just back from a quick spin on the mountain bike. I'd forgotten about Sunday, get-out-the-way driving. When you descend a hill and two cars stopped at the bottom so they could have a wee convo. Tempted to say something but thought better of it.
  • Sun, 12:40: RT @PlanB_earth: To all member of the legal community: please read, sign and share the World Lawyers' Climate Pledge -
  • Sun, 14:54: Quick pit stop at Dartington Hall
  • Sun, 15:09: "When solutions produce problems, when thought flounders in the absence of order, unity, and purpose, when healthy skepticism turns into pathological sarcasm – this is usually when pessimism enters the fray." — Eugene Thacker
  • Sun, 18:01: The latest book / thoroughly engaging and provocative.
  • Sun, 18:22: Daughter #1 talking to me about earth law for her architecture project. I'm humbled. Discussing Christopher Stone and @PollyHiggins. Perhaps my thinking isn't so way out there after all.
  • Sun, 18:46: Hunter S. Thompson’s Harrowing, Chemical-Filled Daily Routine / by comparison, we live such tame lives.
  • Sun, 18:48: If only I could sing. Listening with daughter #3 to Ella Eyre. "She's OK". Well, I think she's bloody exceptional.
  • Sun, 19:00: Anyone else a fan of Grace Jones?
  • Mon, 04:44: "Pessimism is the most indefensible of philosophies. It speaks, but has no right to an audience. In the court of philosophy, it has committed perjury simply by taking the stand." — Eugene Thacker
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The dentist

Does anyone remember the days of the NHS Scheme? 

It was freeee if memory serves me.

These days, and it's probably because I wasn't paying attention, you need to remortgage your home — if you've got one — if you're going to pay for treatment.

How the hell did it get like this?

Photo by Mikael Kristenson on Unsplash