September 6th, 2021

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  • Sun, 18:03: As humans, what will be our legacy to the world?
  • Sun, 18:21: “For animals, life is all there is; for man, life is a question mark. An irreversible question mark, for man has never found, nor will ever find, any answers. Life not only has no meaning; it can never have one.” ― Emil Cioran, On the Heights of Despair
  • Sun, 18:23: Married, 29 years today.
  • Sun, 18:27: My LinkedIn profile says nothing. And I like it that way.
  • Sun, 18:31: We venerate and lament the passing of our fellow humans but care nothing, or not enough, for all the other sentient beings that we've wiped from the face of the earth. Anthropocentric to the very core.
  • Sun, 18:33: Just ordered "Too much happiness" by Alice Munro. Feels right. via @goodreads
  • Sun, 18:35: Leonard Cohen - You Want It Darker / oh yes.
  • Sun, 18:55: There's not a day that goes by where I don't think about the people who are no longer here. I not only cherish their memories but I also feel their deep presence in my soul.
  • Sun, 19:03: The rat , by Charles Bukowski / know this one @occulife
  • Sun, 19:08: the last days of the suicide kid / my kids will read this at my funeral. not morbid. just my fav Buk poem.
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