July 20th, 2021

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  • Mon, 13:38: The puppy can now go for walks -- short ones only; it will be a whole new world for him. Thankfully, he behaved himself at the vets this morning apart from taking a liking to the vet's glasses and mask!
  • Mon, 13:50: Proof That Free Markets Don’t Reward The Best Work by Benjamin Cain https://t.co/Gh3H0qlb39 / one for you @dougshaw1 @DrSteveMarshall @chrisnicholsT2i
  • Mon, 18:43: Daughter #2 reporting panic buying at our local Sainsburys. FFS. It's becoming more like Mad Max by the effing day. https://t.co/GAQI9s572Z
  • Tue, 07:16: “The world will give you that once in a while, a brief timeout; the boxing bell rings and you go to your corner, where somebody dabs mercy on your beat-up life.” ― Sue Monk Kidd, The Secret Life of Bees https://t.co/mez6fhXrel
  • Tue, 10:56: A company with no rules. I'm sure it's been done before but I'm convinced that so many of the problems I've witnessed could have been addressed (there will always be a counter-argument) if employers gave their staff the ability to create a culture that was truly employee centred.