February 7th, 2021

Inner peace

There's a theme emerging; I feel it.

Silence, contemplation, the old ways; and they're pointing towards the ineffable, namely true self. 

Too abstract?


But if I said inner peace you'd know what I meant. 

No, I don't mean you're on your game, in the flow but something deeper, something that touches your very soul.

Trouble is, and this is my personal view, we're too wrapped up in stories of the perfect or imperfect life (and there's a huge cultural bias that hangs over us like a dark, brooding cloud) which militates against investigating the unexamined life.

I say unexamined life because that's what it is. 

Why is that?

Mostly, we're too busy running around looking for meaning, purpose and money — always the money — and rarely are we prepared to stop, listen and tune into the higher reaches of our psyche. 

If this sounds like psychobabble that's fine but all I know is that it took a very serious whack to my head (an internal bleed actually) to wake me from my narcissistic torpor. Absent that, chances are I'd still be running on the high-octane message of success (or anger) that had so fuelled my life up to that point.

What am I advocating for? 

A slower life, silence and rather than constantly looking to our Monkey Mind for the answer(s), instead, to get in contact with the deeper parts of our self.

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