February 5th, 2021

Ordinary & Mundane

It doesn't get much attention: the ordinary and/or mundane things that fill up our lives:

1. washing the clothes;
2. ironing;
3. doing the dishes — with or without a dishwasher;
4. keeping the floors and/or carpets clean:
5. dusting;
6. keeping the toilets clean; and
7. a whole other host of minutia.

Why is that?

Perhaps I'm surfing the wrong online places but there's so much emphasis on the stratospheric, the all-consuming project and building our lives around passion, purpose and, of course, lots of money.

I'm only kidding, right? At least here on Livejournal what I'm talking about does get air time (and that's a good thing) but if you head over to the graveyard of existential, corporate despair (I dare not mention its name but I'm sure you know where I mean) or the dime-a-dozen social media channels that now clog up our lives (swipe up for the next instalment of your photoshopped life), it's all glitz, KERPOW and a schmaltzy, dream-like quality that makes me, and I don't mind admitting this, a little bit uneasy.

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My tweets

  • Thu, 12:18: I don't know why I bother organising the cushions on the sofa when the dog throws them all on the floor. #guiltyascharged https://t.co/URWlXtJVPQ
  • Thu, 13:00: the thrum of life https://t.co/E2yUqMZ16a https://t.co/kGzfxLbOuB
  • Thu, 15:10: Fennel tonight with stuffed cabbage leaves brown rice and a rich tomato 🍅 sauce. It sure looks tasty. Let's hope it tastes as good. #vegan
  • Thu, 15:17: @JulianHoffman just bought your latest book having read a review on @BeachBooksBlog site. Right up my street.
  • Thu, 15:19: Do you have a favourite children's book? I'm torn. Either The Gruffalo https://t.co/gk27j7ZqYO or Watership Down.
  • Thu, 15:56: Thank you Devon Chambers (sorry can't find you on @Twitter) for being so helpful to my daughter about progressing to the Bar. It makes all the difference at this stage.
  • Thu, 15:58: Daughter #3 now has a place to study Criminology at Oxford Brookes. So excited. And my brother is just down the road in Haddenham which means I won't worry quite so much with my baby leaving the nest.
  • Thu, 16:44: Just put together a Grace Jones playlist. Hell yeah.
  • Thu, 17:05: If you're on the front line you've my total respect. It's f* grim out there.
  • Fri, 05:11: RT @white_owly: It’s not hard to find advice on how to get into particular professions. What’s lacking is advice on how to get out of them.
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