December 26th, 2020


“Many beginners also at times possess great spiritual avarice. They hardly ever seem content with the spirit God gives them. They become unhappy and peevish because they don't find the consolation they want in spiritual things. Many never have enough of hearing counsels, or learning spiritual maxims, or keeping them and reading books about them. They spend more time in these than in striving after mortification and the perfection of the interior poverty to which they are obliged.”
Juan de la Cruz, Dark Night of the Soul

Self care

South Brent nr. to the River Avon
South Brent nr. to the River Avon

“I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery—air, mountains, trees, people. I thought, "This is what it is to be happy.”
Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar

How was Christmas day?

Ours: it was wonderful and deeply meaningful to spend time with my wife, two children and best friend, but I missed my eldest daughter. We had the obligatory virtual catch up, but it's never the same. I cooked and I think they liked it — three vegans and two (as they say) normal folk. I didn't drink too much, which was good as there have a been a few Christmases where I've pushed the Chivas Regal boat out just a little too far. 

Anyhow, tis Boxing Day — as they say in these parts.

The title?

I'll keep it short.

I've been on a roll, talking about (finger wagging more like...!) the state of our planet. The obvious question (to some) might be if I see any hope? A little but I prefer to live in the now, rather than mortgage my future on what might be. This isn't me getting all woo-woo and soppy on you, it's simply to acknowledge that now is all we've got, and it's what we do day by day, not glaring off into the mist-laden, supposedly better future, that counts.


You won't be able to do a thing, or not to the best of your God-given ability, if your health is shot or your mental state is, well, err..., broken. As in (and this is putting it mildly, particularly as someone who's suffered his fair share of Black Dog episodes) you're listless, in a constant state of ennui or depressed. 

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