December 19th, 2020


South Brent, Devon
South Brent, Devon
The idea of wilderness needs no defense, it only needs defenders. — Edward Abbey

It's been wonderful to start writing again.

I'm not saying it's been easy — the early starts and all that — but it's been nice to share my musings, particularly on the environment.

If there's a reason why I blog, it can be summed up in a few words:

it helps me think more clearly.

I appreciate, really I do, that it's not always pretty and I still come across as way too preachy, not to say sanctimonious, but if all I ever did was write my journal or share a few thoughts with others, I wouldn't get the same level of feedback or, on a few occasions, encouragement to keep pushing the envelope. But best of all to sharpen and broaden my language.

As to themes, I feel I've turned a corner in that I'm not minded or inclined to share my thoughts on the outmoded and out-of-date workplace that was my shtick for so very long. Nor do I feel compelled to open up about true self, if only because, to me at least, we're already awake but perhaps — just perhaps — we don't see that (see the book The Ten Thousand Things by Robert Saltzman). (I should qualify this and say: if we were truly awake we wouldn't be and act separate and apart from nature — which, in case it's not already clear, we're a constitute, earth-bound part.) 

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LJ Communities

Does anyone know of any Communities in the environmental, nature or wilderness space?

I've not done an extensive search but it would be wonderful to connect with like-minded souls who share my love of nature etc. — particularly those who write about it or share photos.



The 1970s

At the end of it, I was 13 but it seems a blur now.

Wasn't it supposed to be the best of days — or was it the 1950s?

I don't remember much but it seems such a long time ago. 

What do you remember?

— JS