September 1st, 2020

Good morning

Owley Beacon, Devon
Owley Beacon, Devon

Yesterday's walk up to Owley Beacon.

And now?

I'm typing ye old blog, listening to music (Mindful Mix on BBC Sounds) and drinking coffee.


Staying alive

The River Avon, South Brent, Devon
The River Avon, South Brent, Devon
"Dying abhors a vacuum...By this I mean that eventually most dying people decide that their death is either an angel or an executioner, and that's the story they die by." — Die Wise, A Manifesto for Sanity and Soul, Stephen Jenkinson

My wife thinks I'm obsessed with death. 

She might be right.

But I'm more than a little intrigued why we seem able to talk so fluently and adroitly about life (and living) but, save in extremis, seem always to avoid the 'D' word.

Why is that?

Social conditioning, bad juju or our time not yet having past.

For me, death is the other side of life. In fact, absent death there is no life. You only have to think about nature to realise that everything that comes from the soil (and no doubt the same could be said of the sea), relies upon up death for its continued existence.

I can't know what anyone else thinks, and so much of what I say on this subject and all others is conjecture, but there's clearly something amiss, in our Western culture at least, when we don't apprehend, or so it seems, that the moment we're born we begin to die. In that space, it should be easy to talk on the subject of death, and not just towards the end of life.

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A misty day

I caught this shot out the corner of my eye. 

I suspect we'll have a few more cold starts and then rain. Lots of rain. But then I do live in one of the wettest spots in Devon.