August 21st, 2020

Why so serious?

"We are becoming a ghost cult. Ghosts because anything of weight tends to be consciously unwitnessed, or, if even suspected, resolutely shunned. We decide to un-witness. When we don't have thirty pairs of curious eyes on us it creates a suspicion we need thirty million. And that something is deeply wrong with us when we don't get it. And so a protracted annihilation of substance and character begins, a kind of long-winded, low-key suicide attempt." — Dr Martin Shaw, in the Foreword to Die Wise by Stephen Jenkinson

I'm a serious kind of guy. 

Perhaps it goes with the territory — being a lawyer that is — but, these days, I'm not sure it's a trait that's in high demand.

Actually, I think I've reigned it in or it's been corralled by my failure to engage with people. 

"Why are you so angry?"

I'm not but I am troubled (too often for my own good) out loud. 


Well here I am with 40 years of work experience and I still can't make sense of things — my life, my relationships and the world.

Of course, that's my issue and mine alone but as I let go of all those once red hot dreams, I'm left to wonder what it — i.e. life — is all about?

And I realise it's a serious, serious business. Perhaps more serious than I ever imagined.

Sure, I can try to dazzle you with lots of fancy words, lots of theories and masterful exploration of psycho-spiritual writings but the truth is we still have to do something with our days. Something eminently serious.

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